If raising your baby is not possible for you at this time in your life, adoption can be a truly positive choice for you and your baby.
The adoption choice can be a loving and courageous option that in some situations is the wisest choice for both the mum and baby.



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Adoption information

There are different adoption arrangements you might like more information about.

1. Adoptions within close family relations, like a sister or an aunt.

2. Closed adoptions. There is no contact with the adopting parents or your baby after placement.

3. Open adoptions, which are becoming more popular. They allow you to be involved in the selection of the family who will adopt your baby. You may also be able to stay in contact with the family and your child afterwards.

We can put you in touch with an adoption social worker who will give you further information, and support you through the whole process.

Thousands of loving couples would be honoured to have the opportunity to adopt a baby. It is such a privilege for them to be chosen as adoptive parents.